Six tips for the range!

In today’s blog, we’re gonna list the things you should do at a range. Here’s a short list of the best range tips!


  1. Keep guns in their cases until you reach the firing line. This will minimize handling and manipulation. When firearms are inside a case, there is less handling and manipulation required, reducing the chances of negligent or accidental actions. Unintentional trigger pulls, magazine insertions, or other inadvertent actions can be avoided by keeping the firearm in the case until you are at the firing line and ready to use it.
  2.  See something, say something… when you see improper safety activity. When you are at the range you never know how experienced each person is. Some could be extremely competent and others could be there for the first time. Always be aware of your surroundings and if you see something that could be unsafe, or improper when handling a firearm make sure you speak up. Safety is the most important thing. 
  3. Clean up after yourself (Brass, targets, ammo boxes). This shows respect for other shooters who will be using the range after you. It helps maintain a clean and organized space for everyone to enjoy. By cleaning up after yourself, you present yourself as a responsible and conscientious shooter, positively contributing to the image of responsible gun ownership.
  4. Practice safe handling for you and your lane buddies. We know that you hear this all of the time and we will always repeat it. Treat EVERY firearm as if it is loaded, at all times. Do not point at something unless you are ready to shoot it, keep the muzzle pointed down and at a safe direction. Keep your finger off of the trigger. The best way to avoid any accidents or injuries is to respect the firearm and to follow these basic and simple safety guidelines.
  5. Helpful tip. Bring a roll of tape. It is not only helpful in setting up and attaching targets but it allows you to make repairs to them. You can use them to customize targets, mark off areas when running a drill or even distinguish magazines so you don’t make an oopsie (aka don’t shoot .300 blk out of a .223).
  6. For your own safety! Wash your hands after being on the range. We have all done it, you finish your trip to the range and you are starving so you dip your hand in the snack bag on your way to lunch/dinner. The problem is, all of the lead you just got on your hands while handling the firearms and ammo is now going into your mouth. Reduce the amount of lead in your body, and do yourself and everyone else a favor- wash your hands. 
Thanks for reading. These tips make for a safe, clean, and fun trip to the range!