Don’t forget to sharpen your skills!

Handguns are essential! Don’t forget to sharpen your skills! Now that I have your attention. It seems as if the world of firearms enthusiasts have gravitated towards rifles and PCC’s. But, it’s important to talk about keeping up your skills with a good old handgun. It’s been my experience that I shoot better with full […]
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Necessity for All Shooters

Let’s talk about ear protection. There are so many different choices when it comes to ear protection. But, which one is right for you? Keep in mind that you may want to have different types of ear protection on hand, depending on the setting and what you’re shooting. I’ve met so many rifle shooters that […]
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Choosing The Right PCC!

9mm pistol caliber carbines are all the rage. But, in 2013 there were far fewer options than present-day. Back then I looked at a PCC as more of a luxury than a necessity. Regardless, I knew I wanted one. But, where will you choose to spend your money? Are you going to use it for […]
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Outdoor Range Essentials

Nothing is better than shooting outdoors. Sure, you may have to travel a bit further out of town versus indoor ranges in town. But, it’s worth it! Today we’ll outline a simple list of range essentials for when you go shoot outdoors. Range Bag: – Paper Targets – Steel Targets – Staple Gun – Snap hooks […]
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long-range shooting

Long Range Shooting: The First Key to Consistency

It doesn’t matter whether you are shooting a gas gun or a bolt gun, being accurate at long range requires certain consistencies to be in order.   Plenty of people desire to shoot further and further with whatever gun they have. And, many times they go out to the range with ambition to hit targets […]
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Gun Industry Update

So many things to talk about given the past year regarding firearms and firearm accessories! Influencers! What a wild ride regarding the new Youtube strike system! Youtube has ratcheted down even further with rules regarding prohibited content. Youtube has gone as far to say that they will be reviewing content in the past (as far […]
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planning your home defense

Sharpen your skills – Practical Training Tips

The winter months provide less of an opportunity to get out and train in optimal scenarios. While you sit inside sipping hot cocoa thinking about warmer days, ponder these tips to keep your skills sharp. Practice your draw! Grab some Snap caps and start working on your speed. You can even spend a few bucks […]
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how to upgrade your ar 15

Essential Upgrades For Your AR15s

What are a few easy upgrades for my AR15? We get emails monthly about the most useful upgrades to help round-out your AR15 for home defense. Like all things, everyone begins with a budget in mind and then works to knock out crucial upgrades while they develop their weapon setup & home defense plan. We […]
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everyday carry planning

EDC Gear: Being prepared Every Day!

The term Every Day Carry (EDC) gear may sound strange to you – but it really shouldn’t be! Think of your Smartphone. Do you ever go anywhere without it? Or your wallet or credit cards. In many cases, your Smartphone has replaced most of that gear – but the point is that you still carry […]
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