Survival 101: Gear to be aware of When The SHTF!

How often do we turn on the TV, or log on to our favourite news website, and hear stories about ordinary humans surviving catastrophic events – despite the odds against them!  Individuals and families go through extra ordinary ordeals, and come out on top at the other end. But if you read those news reports […]
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best bugout bag supplies

Essential Equipment For Every Bugout Bag

In these uncertain times it’s a good idea to have a cache of items ready to go for when shit hits the fan….AKA the bug-out bag. Here are a few survival items every person should always have on hand. The Bugout Bag The Blackhawk! 3-Day Assault Pack This is one tough bag. After a tour in […]
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best survival gear

2023 Essential Survival Gear List

A Peek at the 2023 Essential Survival Gear List 2023 is a great year to fatten up your stash of survival gear. There are many exciting, innovative and useful products that can help you take care of the situations that can arise when you’re out there enjoying nature or dealing with an unexpected crisis in […]
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