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Why TacPack?
Being Self-Reliant
TacPack will provide gear that will increase your ability to remain self-reliant. Be the one who knows how to survive. Be the one who knows how to provide. Plain and simple, we add to these skills.
The Best Gear Period
We are obsessed with bringing useful professional-grade products to the packs. We spend time researching, testing, and qualifying the products that go into TacPack.
Huge Box Value
You pay $49.95 per month. You get an average of $90.00-120.00 in product-value per month. Why? Because we have this huge awesome loyal community of subscribers like you that allow us to get the hook up on mass-quantity pricing.
We have sold our maximum amount of TacPack Plus subscriptions for January, BUT since there has been such an huge demand for more we have partnered with another supplier to put together another version of the January pack.
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