Outdoor Range Essentials

Nothing is better than shooting outdoors. Sure, you may have to travel a bit further out of town versus indoor ranges in town. But, it’s worth it! Today we’ll outline a simple list of range essentials for when you go shoot outdoors.

Range Bag:
– Paper Targets
– Steel Targets
– Staple Gun
– Snap hooks (Lowes/Home Depot) to hang steel
– Cleaning Rod (for bore obstructions)
– Spray Paint
– Black marker
– Allen Key kit
– Tape (all kinds, can never have enough)
– Medium gauge pliable wire.
– thin flathead for optic adjustment


One thing to think about that is a big X-factor is the range itself and how they allow/assist in hanging targets. Many ranges have pallets (stood upright) to staple targets. Hanging steel is a whole other story. Typically we bring our own equipment to hang steel. We’ve found a very affordable sturdy system that won’t collapse after repeated abuse. See below (you’re essentially building your own sawhorse) and threading screw eyes to the bottom of the cross bar (wood). Click the links below, it’ll make more sense!


Check out this sawhorse kit


Check out these screw eyes
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  1. seswho
    seswho says:

    I would consider including the following as well:

    First Aid kit (IFAK) with a tourniquet
    Garbage bag to pick up after yourself
    Empty chamber indicators (some ranges require them), something as simple as a florescent zip tie
    Oil to keep your gun lubricated (light weight if your shooting in colder tempratures)
    Extra staples for your staple gun
    Bug repellent and sun screen
    Notebook and pen/pencil to keep track of stuff you want to remember
    Extra batteries for your red/green dots and electronic hearing protection
    Binder clips to hold your targets up if needed
    Bore snake(s) for that quick clean up before going home
    Tarp or something like it to make policing your brass (for reloading) easier
    Spotting scope
    A shooting mat if you’re going to shoot in the prone position

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