Being Prepared: Tactical gear to own when the unexpected happens!

You’ve seen them in busses, on the subway and even shopping at malls. All decked out in camo jackets and combat boots. Always with a duffle bag slung around their shoulders, with “who knows what” inside. Well, you may look at them kinda “funny” when they pass by, but when the unexpected happens – like when you lock your car keys inside or the lights go out, chances are that the “nut job” will have a Swiss Knife or Tactical flashlight that saves the day!  Luckily TacPack members can be prepared without drawing attention when walking around town.

Tactical Gear 101

Tactical gear can range from assault rifles and stun guns, to flashlights, CB radios and multi-purpose Swiss Army knives. Most ordinary individuals however won’t need high-powered rifles or battering rams to tactfully respond to the unforeseen. But it never hurts to have multipurpose tools, wire cutters or splicing knives in your kit.

Here are some ideas for tactical gear that everyone should consider owning:

  • FLASH LIGHT: Some of the most common tactical emergencies call for a flash light. Whether it’s a black-out situation or searching for something under the hood of your car, a good tactical flashlight is a must have!
  • FOLDING KNIFE: A good stainless-steel folding tactical knife is an absolute essential. There are many use case scenarios for possessing one, like jimmying a window to get indoors when you’re locked outside. But if you ever have a hiking or camping emergency, your tactical knife can be a life saver!
  • TACTICAL JACKET: A good tactical jacket can save you from a number of situations – some expected and some not. Wearing one when stepping out in a snowstorm, or having one in the trunk of your car in case of a breakdown in winter, makes great tactical thinking
  • TACTICAL BOOTS: You don’t need to a Marine or on a SWAT team member to appreciate a great pair of tactical boots. Chosen well, your tactical boots can pass for most ordinary wear. But if a tactical situation does confront you – like an unplanned long hike or a walk on difficult terrain, those tactical boots will sound like a great thing to have worn!

Having the right tactical gear is all about being prepared. While no one can prepare you for every tactical situation under the sun, you can take steps to enhance your readiness for many an unexpected scenario that you may encounter.

Emergency Readiness with TacPack

At TacPack, our members will never be unprepared to respond to the unexpected. Each month, they receive a range of gear to add to their TacPack. This assortment of tactical gear, survival gear and EDC gear consists of a select list of items that can be used in any number of unexpected situations.

The best part of being a TacPack member is that you don’t need to go out and start thinking of what to put into your Grab Bags. Every month, you get tried and tested tactical and survival gear from our reputed partners. All that’s then left is for you to act when others are still figuring out what to do!

Christmas Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life

Unlike for women, it’s never easy deciding what to get the man in your life for Christmas, unless it’s a vintage motorcycle or a sports car of course! No matter how difficult the decision becomes, one thing is always constant about men: Men love their toys irrespective of their age. So, why not get him a subscription to the best tactical gear.

At Tacpack, you will find a broad variety of equipment to choose from, in addition to tactical gear that’s bound to put a smile on your man’s face. If you are not entirely sure of what to get him, below are some of the reasons why Tacpack has the best Christmas ideas for the men in your life, irrespective whether it’s your husband, brother, father or son.

Tactical Gear

TacPack has a wide selection of tactical gear ranging from tomahawk axes and a variety of tactical knives, to climbing equipment and clothing. TacPac offers a monthly subscription to their tactical box, which is a box filled with tactical gear at a reasonable price that gets delivered to your doorstep every month. Just imagine your man opening the door to a delivery man with a package for him, opening it and realizing that the several pieces of tactical gear inside are just what he wanted!

The wonderful thing about the TacPack subscription box is that the equipment placed inside the pack varies every month, and therefore he will enjoy an all-new selection of tactical gear every month.

Survival and EDC Gear

Survival gear makes a perfect gift for any man who loves the outdoors, thus if your man is accustomed to hunting, camping, hiking and the like; you cannot go wrong with Tacpac survival gear. Additionally, if he is a handyman who loves working with his hands, the TacPack EDC kit, which is a key smart nano-wrench, should raise his Christmas spirit. The package includes operator survival tools, a CNC- machined EOS wallet, etc.

Gun kits

For men who are gun lovers, customizing their rifles every season is something they look forward to a lot. As a result, Tacpac has a collection of various handgun and rifle accessories for your man this Christmas. Some of the accessories include gun Armaspec Titanium TakeDown Pins with a lifetime warranty, as well as handgun handles for improved grip. They also have an ABKT tactical gun cleaning kit for those who love gun maintenance.

If your man inclines towards the latest gun customizing or accessorizing gear, TacPack has worked out deals with various gear providers so that its subscribed customers are among the first to test out and experience newly developed gear. Give your man some bragging rights this Christmas with the latest gear courtesy of a Tacpack subscription.

There are various other gifts you can give your man, courtesy of the TacPack shop, including the TacPack Blackout legacy as well as the TacPack Christmas Pack. Don’t just get him a Christmas present, but let him enjoy a selection of the latest and top notch gear available including monthly shooting gear.