Gun Industry Update

So many things to talk about given the past year regarding firearms and firearm accessories!

Influencers! What a wild ride regarding the new Youtube strike system! Youtube has ratcheted down even further with rules regarding prohibited content. Youtube has gone as far to say that they will be reviewing content in the past (as far back as the beginning of time) to assess content against the rules they just updated. Seems fair… right?

Magazines! No, not your favorite monthly flipper. We’re talking about certain cities and municipalities banning anything above 10 rounds. The past 12 months have shown some very dark spots for people living in metropolitan areas in blue states and counties. Luckily, many folks have written to their local politicians to help the fight against these new rules. I would guess you’ll see more “city” bans versus state bans in the future. It’s much easier for these politicians to pass these without having to consider an entire state. Be active! and support the groups that actually make movements.

  1. Michael Lane
    Michael Lane says:

    This I received yesterday from my local indoor range…
    Entitled the “Mass Shooting Reduction Act” and described by proponents as an “Assault Weapons Ban,” this bill would criminalize any semi-automatic firearm that shoots centerfire ammunition and that has the “capacity to accept a detachable magazine.”

    The proposed bill goes on to list several other firearm features, the mere capacity for which would render a firearm illegal. Here are just a few:

    Threaded barrel
    Pistol grip
    Telescoping stock
    Flash suppressor
    Effectively, virtually every semi-automatic handgun and rifle with a caliber greater than a .22 sold at Magnum would be banned.

    The state is Colorado…if it passes it will be time to move.

  2. Artie_K
    Artie_K says:

    I know what you mean, Mike. I left Massachusetts for Florida when Mitt Romney was Governor there, just about when they began going completely nuts with their gun laws. I’ve been reasonably happy with the laws here, but even if we do pass Constitutional Carry, which appears promising, we’re still only one election cycle away from the same insanity. Best of Luck with it.

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