Long Range Shooting: The First Key to Consistency

long-range shooting

It doesn’t matter whether you are shooting a gas gun or a bolt gun, being accurate at long range requires certain consistencies to be in order.


Plenty of people desire to shoot further and further with whatever gun they have. And, many times they go out to the range with ambition to hit targets anywhere between 400 and 800 yards (working their way up). Most of the time (especially for new folks) they aren’t reloading. Ammunition Is possibly the most important topic in order to become familiar and consistent while shooting long range.


To “learn your gun”, you’ll need to use the same ammunition over and over in order to notice and document patterns in ballistics. Too many times, I hear friends complain that they cannot shoot accurately a distance. My first recommendation is that they begin using one specific ammunition in the designated rifle for a long time in order to begin to learn their weapon. If they do, so, they can then begin to document the ballistics (dope) and remove guesswork because different ammunitions have more or less bullet-drop depending on ballistics coefficients.


Shoot it (a lot), document it, know for next time. Stay tuned for more emails centered around “improving your skills” as a long range shooter.


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