Economic Targets are Good Targets!

Paper targets are cheap, but you have to replace them. Steel targets are expensive and last a long time. But, you can’t shoot them at most ranges. Hmm…Somebody needs to come up with a “renewable” and “economic” target that you can shoot in most range environments…. ENTER, the Infinity Target System!
We got our hands on the Infinity target system about a month ago and they reminded me of something. We used to always use (cut strips) of truck mudflaps as straps to hang steel targets. Because, bullets could pass through the “strap” without the target falling (ie – the strap didn’t break). Well, our friends at Infinity Targets took that a step further and created (recycled) targets where you can shoot them AND renew them with the simple use of spray paint. What’s more, they cut (CNC?) routes into the targets which create zones you would see similar to a standard paper target. Pretty cool stuff!
The target we got (they sent us 3, we took one to the range to test) was a 7×12 torso target (see attached picture). We chose to test the smaller target because it might be a fit for a TacPack box. AND, we wanted to see how it held up with the clamp they included. I’ll admit, I was initially worried that the target would fall off the clamp from sheer friction caused by the target being disturbed by bullets. BUT, it never failed.
In fact, the target never moves. I’m talking zero movement. And, I’m really glad we tested the smaller target because it would be the most likely to have movement when shooting it (versus a target 4x the size). The other thing I really like was that the target is painted. Meaning, you can see where you are making hits. And then, all you have to do is slap on a fresh coat of paint, and keep shooting. I am very happy to report that the Infinity Targets sample exceeded expectations. Kudos to them for taking such a simple idea and creating a workable solution for most ranges. Stay tuned for a video on the TacPack youtube channel where we shoot it, talk about it, and paint it! It may also be coming in a monthly TacPack near you!!