Get a Grip!

The grip on your AR15 is a very important factor when sorting your set up. There are tons of great manufacturers out there offering grips for every application. We’d like to talk through our logic on grip selection.

TacPack is obsessed with putting different variations of products in your hands so you can test things out, get a feel for what’s out there, and hopefully find something that suits you the best. We’ll send you a couple of grips per year so that you can get a feel for the current market offerings, play around with them, and come to your own conclusions.

At Tacpack, when it comes to our personal rifles, we are focused on creating repeatable processes. Most of the folks here tend to use the same grip on multiple guns. This creates a likeness and repeatable subconscious routine when approaching and shouldering our rifles. Granted, it may make sense to use a different grip on a long range, set up, as opposed to a CQB design. But, we always preach repeatability.

If you want to get new gear, test it out, and expand your knowledge on parts like grips, stocks, rails, and all the little pieces and parts that can really shape your kit… TacPack is the place to do it.