How much ammo should (or can?) you carry in a SHTF situation.

I’ve grown up hearing folks brag about hoarding pallets of ammo. And, I’m all for having a big stash of ammo. I support shooting, often, and all the time if you have the means.

But, how much ammo can you really take with you if you have to skip out of your home? There are obvious travel-variables when it comes to dependents, automobiles, and destinations.

When considering, I think it’s optimal to have a go bag with all the self-reliant bits and pieces. As far as ammo goes. I’ll house (in that go bag, think “range bag” sized) about 10 loaded 556 mags, and about 500rds of 9mm.

I think it’s light enough to carry and maneuver. But, it’s also enough to endure most situations I’ve dreamt up in my head.

How much ammo would you leave with? I’m saying… 800 rounds myself!