Let us AXE you a Question

There are many reasons to have a good axe or hatchet handy. Here are 7 reasons to invest in a good axe!
1. Building Shelter – Can be used to modify timber to construct an emergency shelter. You can also create grooves and channels for indexing.
2. Hammer Time – Use the back of an axe to hammer target stands into the ground at the local outdoor shooting range. Use it to pound your tent stakes. Use it to hammer anything!
3. Fire it up! – Chopping and preparing kindling for fires when out in the wilderness. Use your axe to create the right-sized pieces for your fire.
4. Self-Defense – You may find yourself in situations where you’d be without your firearm. An axe is (while not a great way, still..a way) to defend yourself.
5. Trenching – An axe can be used to dig guide trenches for water routing and accumulation. Can also be used as a general shovel in a pinch.
6. Ice Breakers – Like you’d expect, an axe will come in handy when you need to work your way through thick ice.
7. Food Prep – An axe will be especially useful to cut through cartilage and joints with outdoor hunting/camping food prep.
What other creative ways have you integrated your axe into your kit? Let us know!