Stick with it: Micro Red Dots and Reflex Sights on Handguns

For anyone and everyone… The first time you shoot through a micro red dot
sight can be whacky due to the way it feels. It feels like you are relying
on your head-position to “get the dot” where you want it to be. In fact,
I’ve met more people that I can remember who ditched a MRDS because it felt
strange and unorthodox. They claimed that it felt unnatural and unreliable.

Traditionally, (with handguns) we’ve built habits around the sights that
came on the pistol. And we’ve conditioned ourselves over years to raise the
gun into our line of sight, make minuscule aiming adjustments, and squeeze
the trigger. A habit that can be quick, with very little deviation from the
design of the handgun iron-sights.

With an MRDS, challenges come into play with ensuring that your line of
sight stays within a deviation that you are used-to when it comes to the
traditional sights that come on a handgun. I’m here today (thanks for coming
to my TED Talk) to plead with you to stick with your MRDS. Don’t ditch it!

Here’s why… when confronted with a threat, the need for accuracy is less
crucial (focus on center mass). And, I think the advantage offered by a good
quality MRDS is unbeatable!