The Best Foregrip In The World?


I want to talk about the best foregrip ever made. The GripStop! Be sure and click the YouTube link to watch the full length video review of the GripStop.

But, as a short preview. I have been running the GripStop (original Lanco Tactical version) for nearly 10 years on a handful of my rifles. And yes!!! I am convinced that it is THEE best foregrip ever created.

It’s the best because… it is optimal for setting up the most ergonomic system to engage a weapon mounted light. The way your palm engages and “stops” on the foregrip makes for the ultimate repeatable process/reflex.

Click HERE to watch the YouTube video and see a demonstration of how I engage the GripStop.

The GripStop is no longer made by Lanco Tactical. However, True North Concepts has taken over the reigns and now creates an updated version. Again, check out the video coming up on YouTube to see my detailed explanation of my love affair with the GripStop.


Watch our Youtube Review HERE!