EDC Gear: Being prepared Every Day!

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The term Every Day Carry (EDC) gear may sound strange to you – but it really shouldn’t be! Think of your Smartphone. Do you ever go anywhere without it? Or your wallet or credit cards. In many cases, your Smartphone has replaced most of that gear – but the point is that you still carry it (or them!) around Every Day!

EDC gear however prepares you to do even more that make phone calls and pay for your coffee. Read on to learn more about some gear that you may not currently know about, which you should definitely carry around EVERY DAY – just in case!

EDC Gear 101

EDC gear isn’t about filling an oversized toolbox with “stuff”, and lugging it around all day to do your daily chores. On the contrary, EDC gear is about making it easy to carry around items that you would use everyday; but also, some items that you will definitely find handy in the event that something unforeseen happens – not an every day occurrence!

EDC gear therefore must be:

  • Practical – things that you find useful, as opposed to “stuff”
  • Functional – things that really DO work, as opposed to nice to look at
  • Lightweight – things that aren’t so weighty that you can’t carry them around everyday
  • Innocuous – things that aren’t necessarily “in your face”, but instead have a low profile and blend it with whatever else you may have on your person

Leading manufacturers and suppliers go to great length to come up with new EDC gear all the time. For anyone that may be interested in starting a collection of EDC gear, here’s a list to get you started:

  • Tactical Flashlight
  • Cell Phone
  • Multi-use Tool
  • Folding Knife
  • Multi-functional Wristwatch (Multiple time zones, Speedometer, Compass, LED light)
  • Impact devices (e.g. folding baton or spring-loaded hammer or chisel)
  • Multi-compartment wallet (ID, Cash, Credit/Debit Cards, Licence/Insurance)
  • Pepper Spray or handgun (especially if you travel through high-risk areas)
  • Paracord bracelet (to fasten, tie or secure items in an emergency)

Are there others to add to this list? Definitely! And once you start planning out your own personal list of EDC gear, you’ll be able to add more or subtract some from the starter-list above. The point being that, to be prepared for every day situations – both anticipated and unexpected – you need to think EDC!

A Jump Start on Preparedness

At TacPack we believe that being prepared for an every day situation isn’t something that you should have to stress about. It should come naturally, and our pros on EDC gear think so too! That’s why we make it easy for our members to get some of the best deals on EDC gear every month. Our subscribers benefit from receiving some of the most innovative and useful EDC gear each month, right at their doorsteps.

As a TacPack member, you can build your collection of EDC gear based on professional recommend items that come from leading manufacturers and providers. That way, when that unexpected every-day situation does arise, you’ll already have a jump start on it!


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